Lake DeSmet, WY

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Lake DeSmet, WY

Lake DeSmet, WYThis deep blue body of water is located in Johnson County, Wyoming. Named after the first white man to view it in 1840, Lake DeSmet is a large and deep body (over 100′) of water, being considered a recreational jewel of the Cowboy State. The Lake took its name from Pierre Jean DeSmet, who traveled with Fur Trappers as a missionary to Native Americans.

Lake DeSmet is a well protected body of water nestled amoung the hills that surround it on almost evry side. The lake quickly pops up off to the east from Interstate 25 and is only 30 minutes from Sheridan, WY.

Legend has it that a survivor of a pre-historic dinosaur is a local resident of DeSmet. It is believed that “Smetty” is believed to inhabit the deeps and surfaces regularly to hunt and get a breath of air. We look for Smetty regularly when we dive but, have yet to see this prehistoric star (wink wink).

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